Hey Friend! 

I created this blog as a space to share the lessons I've learned and how I've found meaning in some of my biggest challenges. Life is one giant classroom -- there's so much to take away from each experience. When we give ourselves space to reflect, there's major opportunity for closeness, connection and love.

I hope that you hear yourself in some of these situations and that you feel lighter about any challenges you've faced after being here. New/expecting parent, in a serious committed relationship, married... human... we are all in this together. There are friends who don't understand, people you love and may not feel safe sharing with, or maybe they just haven't lived your life and cannot understand what you're going through. Here, you are safe to share freely and openly. 

Consider me your new best friend and this blog as a space to keep in touch and work through relationship, parenting and life road bumps -- sharing laughs along the way. I won't judge you and will actively work to keep this a non-judgemental environment for us all. 

You're a great parent/spouse/friend/child/_-in-law/best friend/etc. and I can't wait to learn more about you! Please feel part of the community and share your voice in the comments section below each article. Now, take three deep breaths and have a kick ass day! 

xo, Jess