Couvade Syndrome

Sympathy pregnancy.

I’ve had endometriosis since I was 16, so I’m familiar with hormonal imbalances, much like those experienced during pregnancy. Funny enough, I felt the most balanced than throughout my entire life when I was pregnant. I didn’t have typical pregnancy symptoms: moodiness, tears, forgetfulness, nesting.

In my granola birthing class, I was told that a sign of going into labor is extreme nesting. I was excited for the day I couldn’t fight the urge to hit up Restoration Hardware, Target and Crate & Barrel to redecorate our home from top to bottom. Except the day never came… for me.

Just hours before my water broke at midnight, Mark ran around the house, shirtless and sweating, moving rugs, fixing burned out light bulbs, rewiring this and that. I was relaxing in the bathtub when Mark stormed by me, in a nesting frenzy.

“Get some rest, baby. You’ll need it if this is the real deal.”

“There’s just so much to do!” he said with a buzz.

It wasn’t just that night that Mark experienced pregnancy sympathy symptoms. He’s always been on top of his game and never loses anything but when I was pregnant, he lost three credit cards in one month AND our irreplaceable beach key, and spilled drinks everywhere he went. It was entertaining seeing someone who always has it together, be off for once. After Wes was born, he went back to his together-ways. It was fun(ny) while it lasted.

And ok – I did experience some pregnancy symptoms. I started reading romance novels. I think I needed to get out those emotions somehow. I finished two Jojo Moyes books in three days. Bawled the entire time, then decided that was enough crying for the whole nine months.

Are there any partners reading this, feeling out of sorts while the mama-to-be holds it all together? If you always seem to be finding your way to Home Depot and watching The Notebook on Friday nights, I'd love to laugh with you about it! Let me know your (or your partner's) couvade symptoms in the comments section below.