The Baby Blues


A friend of mine recently had a beautiful baby boy. I saw endless touching photos of her with her handsome newborn in social media everyday and it looked like she was settling in effortlessly! I was in awe. I reached out to her a couple times – friendly check ins around the same time I remember things starting to feel overwhelming for me. She replied she was “doing great!”

Four months later at brunch, she talked about the Baby Blues. Apparently she had periods of the Baby Blues for a majority of her postpartum period and only felt safe talking about it after she got through it.

Raising a baby in solitude is not a natural thing. We're meant to live in packs and raise our babies together. Mom is never overwhelmed, there’s always someone to relieve her before she reaches her boiling point. It makes me sad to imagine my sparkling friend, alone at home, feeling blue and not connecting with her newborn. She got through it but it didn’t have to be that way.

If you’re having periods of the Baby Blues, please find some familiar loving faces to connect with. Whether it’s here with us or with your mom, mother in law, sister, friend or someone in a baby group, let's support each other, stay connected and enjoy this new sweet life!